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Human resources officer - Human resources technician


The role of logistics technicians is an extremely important one. The main purpose of having logistics technicians is to ensure that all supplies and equipment for a certain location are taken care of. This usually involves the choosing, ordering, and distributing of important equipment. In order to maintain the best organization, all supplies and equipment must be accounted for when doing inventory. These inventory reports must be completed with the highest amount of accuracy in order for everyone at the specific location to get the supplies they need.

Logistics companies, Supply chain consultants, Freight and shipping companies, Transport consultancies, Passenger transport providers (rail, bus, sea and air companies), regional and central government. You can also be self-employed and own a store or work from home (freelance)...



  • Corporate logistics: Manage inventory and track items still in shipping; Receive, consolidation, assemble, package and ship packages, conducting inventory and material control; Develop and use databases and other systems to track, store, and analyze logistics data; Assist with procurement of supplies and materials, transportation of goods or people, and management of vehicles (piloting of flux/warehouse operation).
  • Transport mode and means : sea , air , road , rail ; cost ( rates , insurance , taxes ) ; Managing Terminals and agencies ; stevedoring ….
  • Shipping industry: Ships; Goods; Contract; Maritime code …..
  • Logistics IT; Transport Law; International Trade; Liner term.