CIS - Cameroon Institute of Specialisation
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CIS (Cameroon Institute of Specialisation), also called "professional academic" is a professional training institute created in 2009, under the ministerial authorization n° 219/MINEFOP/SG/DFOP/SDGF/CS/ACD with its head office in Douala and another campus in Yaounde from the next academic year 2015/2016.
CIS slogan defined as "A Pole of Vocational Training and Corporate Trade Building" is to efficiently answer to the needs in the working environment / professional world, by putting into place a set of qualified professionals in various sectors of activities.  This initiative is approved and encouraged by the government.
The training fields constitute vocational apprenticeship offered by the institute in the domain of: Transports and transit techniques; Graphics and Multimedia Technologies; Management and Corporate governance; Managerial Assistance in enterprises; Financial and Commercial Techniques; Industrial Techniques; Information Technologies and Communication.
The duration of the training is a year, with the minimum average of admission to a profession being 12/20. This training will be carried in two steps: a theoretical phase and practical exercises in class, with case studies, exposes, implementation tasks on the field and company visits; through this, students often carry continuous assessments in class in order to evaluate their level of understanding, their aptitudes and competencies. A practical phase in enterprises with 8 weeks of internship, during which a motivated report should be written, presented and defended in front of a jury; a condition to be fulfilled by each student in order to obtained the different titles marking the validation of the training (Attestations, Vocational Qualification Diploma/Vocational Qualification Certificate).
This internship report is meant to test the real capacities of students leaving, their level of comprehension and insertion in the professional world, knowing the organisational structure, their participation in different activities and execution of tasks in the enterprise, to examine situations at work and putting into practice the competences acquired by successful records; and finally preparing to face your future profession.
In conformity to this, we carried out an internship for a period of 2 months from 1st August to 30th September 2014 at AES SONEL. During the internship, apart from other activities carried on, the most captivating element to us was how the planification of transporting and distributing electricity to different regions which is linked to fuel and water (liquids) is done; since these are the two components which are needed to produce electricity.
Since human beings are generally made of imperfection, our work in this report may lack some deep reasoning. So we are open to any criticisms, corrections and suggestions which will ameliorate our work in this report.
Extract Foreword.
ETTA KEMBONG Solange. Internship report "Handling and Transportation of Hazardous Substances, Problems Faced and Propositions to ameliorate the situation: case of AES SONEL". CIS (Cameroon Institute of Specialisation) - Douala: 2014