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Speciality : CUSTOMS & TRANSIT
METIERS : Custom Brokers - Transit technician

Activities : Working as a Customs Brokers involves the preparation of Customs documentation to ensure that any shipments either imported or exported meet all applicable laws so that entry or export can occur. The job of the Customs Broker is a very important role within Shipping & Logistics and can provide the perfect stepping stone to other senior roles within the industry.

A Customs Brokers is involved in determining the level of duties and taxes to be paid including the processing of payments on behalf of clients.

Expedite and route movement of incoming and outgoing cargo and freight shipments in airline, train, and trucking terminals, and shipping docks. Takes orders from customers and arrange pickup of freight and cargo for delivery to loading platform. Prepare and examine bills of lading to determine shipping charges and tariffs.

Typical employers : Transit companies, Supply chain consultants, Freight and shipping companies, Transport consultancies, Passenger transport providers (rail, bus, sea and air companies), regional and central government. You can also be self-employed and own a store or work from home (freelance).


  • Techniques of transit: import/export procedures; Customs declaration; clearance (containerized cargo, vehicles …..); Removal at DIT, port and airport ….
  • Customs abilities: Laws and customs regulations; customs value; tariff; classification; Customs procedures; Customs litigation ….
  • International  trade ; French international transit
  • Customs IT : practice of ASYCUDA ( Automated System for Customs Data ) 


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DIPLOMES obtenus

1- Attestation of Vocational training (MINEFOP)
2- Vocational Qualification Certificate (MINEFOP

Duration :

09 Months + Two-months Internship

Minimum level required: GCE Ordinary Level

PLACE OF TRAINING : The premises of CIS and partner companies

TARGET PERSONS : Everyone (no Qualifications, Job Seekers, Student, Worker, Independent…)...

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