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Last May will stay forever in the minds of all. Bollore Africa Logistics opens her doors to CIS; this much national, expert in transport and logistics, shares her experience and her know-how with the students of CIS; for a good number of learners their dreams became true.
Closed low shoes, jeans trousers, identity cards constituted the security disposition required from the learners during the visit of the storage entrepot of lubrifiants and other non-carburant products of Bollore Africa Logistics.
Presentation of the entrepot and its activities, questions and answers sessions, visits of installations are the focus points of that day to learners which was followed by gifts like tee-shirts, closed by a series of photos to immortalize the event.


If electricity constitutes an inelastic element in industrial production and the welfare of homes, the company ENEO is the principal supplier as in production and distribution of electricity in Cameroon. Discover its installation, understand its processes and apprehend its functioning permits all learners to be familiar with the industrial milieu, as in instrumentation and regulation in industrial electric techniques as in network transformation systems and distribution.
It is registered in this dynamic that ENEO has opened her Central thermic at logbaba  and its central hydro-electric of Edea respectively the 22nd and 28th May of last year to the students of CIS.
Learners were grouped in 15, each with an identity card and closed shoes for security reasons. They visited the installations, received explanations on the procedures of production and distribution, the connection activities and this was followed by the game of questions-answers. Each learner went back with more knowledge and understanding, key factor for their future competences.


Cotonnière industrielle du Cameroun abbreviated CICAM has offered a visit of their structure to the learners of CIS on the last 13th May from 2.30pm.
At the arrival at the CICAM factory, the learners firstly identified, has been received by the head of service in charge of quality and ordering, who after reception gave security directives, hence handed the learners to a collaborator who served as guide during the whole visit.
Graphic design service, technical service, accounting service, maintenance service, production factory etc were all visited by the different learners where a lot of satisfaction was gained due to the diversity of services visited.
The family picture and the session of dialogue on the history and evolution of CICAM followed and that put an end to the visit.


On Tuesday 16th April of last year, learners of CIS benefited from the cordiality that exists between CIS and the Industrial enterprise SABC (Société Anonyme des Brasseries du Cameroun), to do an academic visit guided at the production factory.
28 learners and 2 supervisors of CIS were warmly welcomed at 2pm by a guide and directed to the reception hall. Under the coaching of a trainer of SABC, the learners of CIS received clear instructions on security and the appropriate combinations for a factory visit.
From the reception to the storage of fabrication of drinks entrepôt, the chemical factory, the factory of mixture and composition, to the chain of containerization and the deposit in crates; the learners had hence broused the entire chain of production of Brasseries du Cameroun. Under the guide, the employees of each stage warmly received the learners thereby informing them of the details linked to the emphasis of the production quality.
The visit terminated by putting at the disposal of the learners non alcoholic drinks with the obligation to consume on the spot and leave.
A family picture came to terminate the visit.

Every month of September, CIS knows a public event. Old people, young men, women and children all over the campus with flowers on hands and gala caps, each affectively going to encourage their son or daughter, spouse, brother, sister, parent, friend… who have been a learner during the training year at CIS.
Having recently passed 8 weeks of immersion and professional practical in enterprises, where a motivated report was written. The learner publicly presents and defends his report before a jury constituted of professionals and specialists of different trades constituent of the training specialties.
Between acclamations, stand-ups, congratulations of the jury and silence, symbol of sorrows, there have been all forms of sentiments. The majority of the learners seduced and pleased the public, the professional community and the head of enterprises present.
The deliberation of the jury will come with hawks and happiness. Everyone will then be overtaken by spiced buffets, drinks which are sometimes alcoholic brought specially by families.

Any learner registered in a professional training specialty at CIS, and who has successfully completed the training is publicly honored by the Ministry of Employment and Vocational training through the public award of Diplomas, coupled with prizes to learners who distinguished themselves both in their work and discipline.
It's in this spirit that the previous ceremony of the award of diplomas to learners took place last December, baptized "EMERGENCE"
A ceremony presided by the Ministry of Employment and Vocational training, with the very remarkable presence of the regional representation of the different guests (parents, family, friends…), and of the executives of the partnering enterprises who cheerfully accompanied CIS during the process of training, as well as during enterprise visits, internships, sharing of experiences through seminars and other workshops.
For the opening of the ceremony, the director in a pedagogic welcome speech took the opportunity to praise the work of the learners where many were already recruited in companies, and recalled to the remaining ones the necessity to invest themselves in permanent and perpetual search for job.
It's under claps that the special guests, enterprise executives, and professional of all orders matched turn by turn to honor the different laureates for their academic glory. Other than the award of diplomas, the focal point will be centered on the prizes to the distinguished students: best students of the promotion, work and discipline prize etc…
The ceremony will take a higher influence when the representative of BOLLORE AFRICA LOGISTICS, in an air of excellence, will take the speech to announce publicly to the Director of CIS to submit her the CV of the best learners for the obtaining of employment posts or internship post in this so big prestigious multinational who is so close to the small enterprises.
Everyone went back with a firm promise, a prize, a gift, a compensation…… a smile of a satisfaction of a finished work…more again with words of the director in mind, "you have excellently succeeded your training, some of you already have decent jobs or in period of test. For the others, the permanent and perpetual search for a job remains the only obstacle to overcome. Now and henceforth you have the tools"


On the other hand a normative spirit of the professional training need to be transmitted by the teacher/trainer to the trainee, that of the professional knows how. CIS academic year is punctuated with pedagogic events constituted of professional edification of learners. Every academic year is characterised by the organisation of numerous training seminars which themes are as diverse as variable.