CIS - académie professionnelle
Professions : Industrial designer 2D/3D - AutoCAD designer

Activities :

CAD technicians work with both 3D and 2D design – known respectively as solid and surface modelling. Solid modelling is the creation of a 3D display of a component or structure which engineers could use to take a ‘virtual tour’ around a proposed building or to look inside a piece of manufacturing machinery. With surface modelling, you would draw a flat representation of a design. Your designs could also be used to help prepare estimates for how much projects are likely to cost, or for maintenance manuals and assembly instructions.
The plans created by drafters are employed by many different industries. For example, architectural and civil drafters work in construction and draw up outlines for buildings, highways, pipelines and more. Mechanical, electrical and electronics drafters create plans for circuitry and equipment. Drafters are also used in the aeronautical industry, where they design aircraft, missiles and the like.

Typical employers : Design companies, Civil Engineering, Construction and public works, Design office, you can also be self-employed and own a store or work from home (freelance)…


  • Introduction to AutoCAD: Knowledge of the software, basic operations and commands, create 2-D drawings
  • 3-D drafting and advanced editing techniques: hatching, blocks, polylines and more. Project-specific AutoCAD classes.
  • How to model 3-D objects: create perspective, construct axonometric diagrams and incorporate scanned images to pre-existing models.
  • Specific areas of drafting and design: architectural drafting or engineering.


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DIPLOMES obtenus

1- Attestation of Vocational training (MINEFOP)
2- Vocational Qualification Certificate (MINEFOP

Duration :

08 Months + Two-months Internship

Minimum level required: GCE Ordinary Level

PLACE OF TRAINING : The premises of CIS and partner companies

TARGET PERSONS : Everyone (no Qualifications, Job Seekers, Student, Worker, Independent…)...

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